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Passion = Profits

You Love What You Do. Your business fills you with excitement, and you want others to share that feeling. So when you need to find the perfect words to express that energy and enthusiasm, you need a writer who specializes in getting the message across. And now you’ve found him. Nice to meet you!

How Do I Help? I keep your web presence alive and well through a steady stream of blog posts and updates that establish your industry expertise and keep your target audience coming back for more. I also write web content, brochures, onesheets, flyers, direct mail, press releases, radio & TV scripts, and other marketing tools to inform, excite, and entertain all kinds of target audiences. I can even monitor and respond to comments or reviews (both positive and negative) on your social media channels!

Get Serious. Sure, I can do that. But serious shouldn’t mean dull. I'm a storyteller, and I can tell your story in a way that makes your customers laugh, cry, or think. Most importantly, I can make them RESPOND!

This Is Your Cue. Explore this site. Read my writing samples. Decide for yourself whether it’s worth a moment of your time to contact me and find out more. Take the first step toward making your business image sparkle like never before. I'll provide the stardust.

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Blogger's 4-Pack: Better blogging means better business for business owners and the marketing providers who serve them. And my ghost-blogging service makes it easy!

"William gets the job done with attention to detail and creativity that is second to none. I would hire him again in a minute." - Leigh Choate, Marketing Communications Manager, Bazaarvoice

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